Behind every exclusive 4th Quarter Time deal stands one of the most bustling men in the entertainment industry, CEO & Manager Michael Ramsey.

It is needless to say that Michael Ramsey has helped close deals for some of the most important collaborations in the music & entertainment industry. For many years, his persistence in the game has closed deals that have reached national t.v stations, stages and radio shows!

Michael experience , hardships and success have lead him to become one of the most hardworking men in the industry, allowing him to establish 4th Quarter Time as one of the fastest growing entertainment and production companies in the industry. Here are some stories, shared by Michael Ramsey, that add to his accomplishments!

Never-ending knowledge: Music Industry Seminars
“Early in my career I was a rapper and producer; I used to produce beats for all of my friends . I became fascinated by how much of the actual music industry we were ignorant to. In 2008, I decided to start throwing music industry seminars right here in Orlando, Florida. Successfully, I brought out ANR’s from all the major record labels made it to my event:

Universal, Rocafella, Bad Boy, Shady Aftermath, Atlantic records etc. Folks from all over the world, as far as Africa, attended the seminar. Following my first seminar’s success, went on to do another seminar called Labels Lounge. Many artists, Dj’s and music industry professionals still speak about the events today and often tell me about the great connections they made and have established!”

Global 14’s ‘The Cut’s Podcast

Michael Ramsey also co-created a successful podcast Global 14 The Cut, formally known as G14 Radio. The podcast, broadcasting, and media company was founded on December 1, 2011, with affiliation to Jermaine Dupri’s website  Jermaine himself gave Michael and his partner Onyx his direct blessing to start the podcast. It was intentionally presented to serve as a “music 101” via internet radio, making it one of the first of its kind. The podcast was extended to people seeking industry opportunities, professional development, and a chance for fans to engage with their favorite entertainment entities alike.  

The Cut has had the pleasure of interviewing major entertainers and artist such as: Gillie Da Kid, Jadakiss, Music Soulchild, even the late great Nipsey Hussle. The show has also been featured on various platforms such as, VladTv, All Hip Hop, Bossip, Source Magazine, BET, Vibe, TMZ, XXL, Hip Hop DX, Rolling Out, SOHH, Twenty4Seven Magazine, This is 50, & More.  Michael and his partner Onyx were often spotted covering many of your favorite red carpets, events, and festivals across the country.  

An actor himself! “My first movie!”

Last year I had the opportunity of having a small part in my very first movie. On one of my podcasts we were interviewing RNB super group, Jagged Edge. A super fan named Monyette, called in to speak to the group. She was so genuinely happy to speak to Jagged Edge I immediately took to her energy and it sparked a great friendship. Her sister happened to be Monica “Dollphace” Floyd, who’s a powerhouse in Los Angeles; she produces and directs films amongst wearing other hats! 


After many phone conversations with the ladies, I flew out to meet them in person and we’ve been close friends ever since. Monica would always say how funny I am and that she’s going to put me in a movie one day. Well she held her word and last year she put me in my first movie “Lola 2”. I had a blast and was very thankful for the opportunity.

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