Nick Tabron

At 11 years old, in the outskirts of Raleigh, North Carolina, Nick Tabron picked up an acoustic guitar, and began to belt out songs by Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder & Green Day… a musical collection as vast and genre-less as his own songs would become.

Growing up Jehovah’s Witness, home schooled & socially sheltered, to an extent – Tabron, found himself yearning for ways to express himself. Yearning to have that feeling he had that day singing those songs, while playing this acoustic guitar.

After months of raking leaves, he had saved just enough money to purchase his own acoustic guitar – unbeknownst to his parents. He began to learn to play songs heard on the radio, along with writing his own lyrics to tunes he picked on the guitar, to which he could only truly share with his younger brother. With an audience of one, Tabron moved out at 18 years of age, hoping to find more listeners.

However, with life in the way, and the excitement of being out on his own, the music began to be just something he continued to play in his room, or for friends at social gatherings. But, years later, at the age of 23, NIck wrote and recorded his first full song entitled, “The Prayer,” inspired by the true story of a mother, with Stage IV cancer, trying to continue to work, through her chemo treatments, to support her young daughter.

Once completed, Tabron reached out to Raleigh’s iHeart Radio station’s “Bob & The Showgram” morning show, in hopes to raise the mother funds to assist with her most difficult situation. Though unsuccessful – from the monetary standpoint – the mother heard the song, and reached out to Nick with tears of appreciation and praise for his attempt to help her through these most difficult times.

From this, he had finally found his true passion for writing his own songs. Not for himself, but for others who also yearned for expressing themselves, in hopes of others to understand them.

With a unique voice, reminiscent of artists like the late B.B. King, John Mayer & Sampha, Tabron has been able to write out, record & have his ideas produced to completion. These songs whisper the trials & tribulations of himself & others – but, side on the err of caution, that so many of us can relate to, trying to find our way in this crazy world we live in.

His 2017 release “Exodus,” is a perfect example of the vast array of influential sounds and genres, that is Nick Tabron’s music. In fact, this original sparked the interest of Miller Beer Company to have Tabron & Co. produce & record his own twist on the Miller High Life 1979 commercial “If You’ve Got The Time,” originally written by Johnny Mack.

Future releases from Tabron are sure to draw an eclectic crowd, from all walks of life, with his genre-crossing, feel good music. “I hope that each song will leave listeners feeling better than they did before. My goal is to creative & continue positivity in the world.”

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