Natalie Carr

There is an innovative, sultry, new-age Pop/R&B combo in the blazing North Carolina music scene.

Based in Charlotte, by way of Stamford, Connecticut, Carr has an abundance of music influences.  Considering herself a  crossover artist, influences range from R&B, Pop, Indie, and even Country Music. While many may compare her to Halsey, Kehlani, or maybe even a “female Post Malone,” many find themselves enthralled with her writing, and the way it resonates with their day-to-day.

Her writing may range from a typical heartbreak, to society’s perception of young women, to personal anguish and abuse she has experienced in her own life, or through the eyes of a friend. No matter, the songstress strives to speak through her music on a personal level, that touches the masses on a global scale.

Learning guitar and piano as a child, fast-forwarding to her time in Durham as a student at Duke University, singing in area studios to relieve stress and get away from the colloquial college lifestyle, Carr has found herself through writing her own music.

“I would catch myself comparing my music, my life, my day-to-day to everything on the internet/social media,” Carr says, “but I’ve found my stride, in being honest in my writing, for everyday people (like myself) to relate.”

Remember to stream, “Talk About You,” “Sad Little Rant” and “Blue Lights,” available on all digital platforms.

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