Custom music production can be challenging to define, mainly because it encompasses many different styles and genres. The production includes everything from creating a theme song for a new TV show to developing background music for a web short. 

Simplified is the process of creating original music for a specific project. This can be anything from a 30-second radio spot to a 5-minute web video. The client’s brief will detail the type of production, the approximate length, and relevant information about the project.

Services Entailed in Custom Music Production 

Customized production is more than just writing and recording a song. It’s about using music as a critical ingredient in a media project, like a TV show or film. The creative process involves working closely with producers and directors to understand the overall tone and feel of the project. Then, crafting an original piece of music that complements the visual images.

This is an exciting time for customized song production because there are so many new opportunities. Content creators are going online to reach their audiences, whether through short films, web videos, or web series. They have more control over what they produce, and they can make use of high-quality music without breaking the bank.

Depending on the needs of the client, the process can include:

  • Mixing new music
  • Composition
  • Orchestration
  • Arrangement and recording of musicians 
  • Lastly, virtual instrumentation

Benefits of Customized Production Services to a Media Project

There are several ways this production services can benefit media projects:

Professional Composition

If you need an original theme song or other music cues, professional composers can work with you to create something that stands out and fits your project. The custom composition also lets you tailor the feel of your project by choosing instruments and a tempo that suits your needs.

Creative Collaboration

Working with composers who specialize in custom production gives you a chance to collaborate with industry professionals who understand how to help you achieve your goals for your project. You don’t have to rely on your skills to get the job done.

Brand Recognition

They will create a professionally produced piece of music to the standards required by your media project. It will effectively communicate with your audience. Creating a musical theme for your product or service will provide an opportunity for brand recognition and association with your audience, building an emotional connection between you and them.

Types of Custom Music Production Projects

There are multiple types of custom music production projects, including TV, Film, Short Films, Web Shorts, and Video Games. A common misconception is that all customized production projects are large-scale projects like TV or Film. This isn’t true! You can use the production services in any project where you want an original piece of music created specifically for you.

Production can take many forms. It could be creating an original score for a television show, film sound effects, musical sound design for a video game, or an original song for a radio ad or commercial.

What Happens During Custom Music Production

To get started with the production, you’ll need to pair up with a composer whose style and experience best fit the needs of your project. The composer will then work closely with you to understand and execute your vision to develop the perfect soundtrack for your content.

Let’s take a look at the four stages of this production:


The briefing is a conversation between you and the music producer in which you will explain your project and its objectives. This is also an opportunity to determine what type of music you want, who your target audience is, how you will use the music, and whether or not you can use any existing tracks.


The storyboard visual represents your project, showing all of its components. It involves drawing up a diagram that includes elements such as the number of scenes and their duration (in seconds), whether or not you want to have footage of actors or simply graphics, etc. The aim here is to provide a clear explanation of what the producer needs to create.

Custom Music in a Nutshell

The briefing and storyboard allow for creating the first draft of your project’s custom music. It’s essential to keep in mind that this stage usually takes several weeks (sometimes even months) to complete, depending on the scale of the project. Once completed, you and your team will review this first draft. Before moving on to the next stage, any adjustments can be made: recording.


Once the above stages have been followed, it is time to record. The composer will take note of all of the emotional moments in the movie. The composer will then begin to record music that evokes those emotional responses from the audience.

How Does One Create a Particular Theme?

A music producer adding custom music production to a movie
A professional music producer editing footage and grading movie score on a computer in a post-production studio.

The two main elements of custom music that are most helpful are theme and tone. A theme defines the core message of your project, but it’s so much more than just a few words strung together like “Peace” or “Patriotism”. Themes go beyond simple words to represent the identity and personality of your project as a whole. 

The tone is how you want the viewer to feel while experiencing your project. Is it happy, sad, scary? A good composer will be able to capture the theme and tone you had in mind with their music. For instance, when composing custom music for your sports video, it is vital to understand the client’s vision for their project so they can properly develop the theme. 

The best way of doing this is by discussing the vision for the sports video. By understanding their concept and what they want the sports video theme to communicate, they can create a catchy theme that will provide an engaging audio experience for viewers of the sports video and effectively communicate the goals of the client’s vision.

How Is a Production Made Trendy

Custom musical compositions are often used at the end of a movie or TV show during the credits. Since the credits are rolling over visuals, there’s no need to make a precise musical composition to fit specific actions on-screen. For this reason, it’s common for composers to use trends in their credit music compositions. They may use popular instruments like synthesizers and electric guitars and contemporary sounds like heavy bass lines and dramatic drum beats.

Music can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of content. It can increase viewer trust, boost brand recognition, and even make videos more memorable. For example, one study found that users who heard brand-appropriate music in a video were more likely to remember the brand’s name than those who didn’t hear any music. However, there are several challenges to consider before integrating music into your content. It would be best if you found the right balance between pleasant and distracting — too loud or noticeable a song might turn off viewers. You also want the tone of your music to match the style of your content — you wouldn’t want an upbeat song playing over depressing footage, for instance. 

Learn More About What Custom Music Production Entails

Custom music can capture the essence of your project and tell its story in ways that other audio alternatives cannot. Custom tracks are designed specifically with your project in mind. They help differentiate it from millions of pieces of content, thereby allowing it to have its unique voice. Feel free to contact us for more information.